Thanksgiving: Stuffing

This is a Marvel Stuffing Bread ad from 1942. There are three stuffing recipes in the ad, one each to cook with a duck, turkey, or chicken. We made the savory stuffing, but had to cut the recipe. The recipe is for stuffing a 10-13 pound turkey as well as an extra casserole dish of stuffing. That’s a lot of stuffing!


The stuffing was more dense and heavier than the stuffing I am used to eating. That might be because we made a smaller amount and the ingredients weren’t exactly balanced correctly in our version. The flavor was wonderful, though. I really liked the sage and thyme. Of course, we also didn’t have Marvel Stuffing Bread. That might make a difference, too, in how ours turned out.

I’ll look for another stuffing recipe that might work better for smaller groups, but until then, here’s today’s addition to our Thanksgiving menu.

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving menu ideas, you can start here:

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