Thanksgiving: Turkey

Turkey is the star of the show on Thanksgiving. I’m going to again turn to a magazine for the recipe and a little bit of WWII-era flavor. Remember Susan from Good Housekeeping earlier this month? In November 1945, she was welcoming her brother, cousin, or uncle home from war. Today’s article is from the same November Good Housekeeping issue, but it is aimed at Susan’s mother or grandmother.

photo by H.I. Williams

In the article “Four Thanksgiving Dinners for a Twosome or a Crowd,” author Dorothy B. Marsh says that Americans had more to be thankful for in 1945 than ever in American history, making it a great time to celebrate in traditional ways. The recipe I’ve chosen is from a menu aimed at giving newly returned servicemen a reminder of the traditions they loved before the war. I like these articles because they really give you a peek into the lives of people who had gone through years of struggle and now saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to celebrate with them!

The roast turkey recipe is from the “Homecoming Dinner” menu. Marsh mentions that the home front housewife can accomplish these dinner menus even “if you’re maidless.” That’s a line you won’t find in a current issue of Good Housekeeping!

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