Thanksgiving: Bread Rolls

This month has passed so quickly! I still have several recipes I want to share with you before Thanksgiving so you can have a full meal of war-era dishes on your table. I’m running out of time, so I thought I’d share these two blasts from the past again today. Over the next several days, I’ll have at least one pie recipe, another side dish, and a ration recipe to add to your menu. My posting schedule might change just a bit to fit them all in so there is time for you to shop for ingredients if you need to. It’s almost Thanksgiving!

Baking without …Milk: Yeast Rolls

First Monday Menu: Summer Lawn Party

This menu is from July 2018. It’s one of the first posts I made! The torpedo rolls here have a fun twist and are a good option for any meal, not just Thanksgiving.

Looking for more Thanksgiving? Start with these posts:

First Monday Menu: Thanksgiving Month

Thanksgiving: Honeyed Cranberry Relish and Sweet Potato Balls

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