Thanksgiving: Susan Makes the Gravy

During the war years, Good Housekeeping magazine had articles that showed how junior homemaker Susan could help around the house to learn how to run her own household one day. Today we are going to visit November 1945 and see how Susan is making gravy for her family’s Thanksgiving meal in “Cooks’ Kindergarten” and how she helps prepare for the big day in “Homemakers’ Kindergarten”. I love how these articles give us a glimpse of teenage life as well as show us the gender roles that were expected of girls both as teens and when they became adults.

Since gravy is often made with the turkey, and I’m only going to make one turkey this season, I thought this would be a good way to add gravy recipes to our menu. I’ve also included a larger image of the gravy variations that are listed on the bottom of “Cooks’ Kindergarten”.

Susan Makes the Gravy

Susan Helps on Thanksgiving Day

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