Let’s Go to the Movies: July 1942

It was difficult to find five movies that were in theaters in July 1942 that are also easily available today. Here are some options for your movie nights this last part of the month. All are available in several places and you can find them via a quick internet search. I don’t think there are any free ones this month, but most are available for a relatively small charge.

I haven’t watched these yet, so I can’t give my opinions on them. We are going to watch some this weekend. I’d love to hear what you think of them!

Tortilla Flat got excellent reviews in 1942 and seems to have many fans today. Based on Steinbeck’s novel, this film has an all star lineup and Frank Morgan received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Hitchcock’s spy thriller had reviews both in 1942 and now that are largely positive.

This film, based on the book by Graham Greene, was hugely successful and made Alan Ladd famous. One 1942 review compared the film to a Hitchcock film.

Another film based on a novel, this time one by Sue MacVeigh.

The third in a trio of mystery films, the reception at the time was mixed. If you read reviews from today, they are also mixed. There were enough positive ones, though, that I’m going to watch it and decide for myself.

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