Home Sweet Home

I thought we’d do something a little different today. What kind of home might our home front housewife have lived in? The May 1943 issue of The American Home put this one on their cover. Be sure to read the description below.

I love looking at what real homes looked like, and this magazine features several that people actually lived in. I want to occasionally look at what homes looked like before, during, and after the war. I think this is a great example to begin with.

I also want to go beyond what floor plans looked like in the 1940s. I want to look at what the home decorating trends were, and how the war influenced what people bought and/or just repurposed or repaired. I especially want to examine what women dreamed about adding to their post-war kitchens and how advertisers used those dreams to their advantage.

No worries, though! Those are just a few things I want to add every once in a while while we still make period dishes and talk about all of the other things wartime women would have dealt with as part of their day. Have a great week!

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