Mallow White Cake

My youngest just turned four. She wanted a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I decided to find a 1940s cake recipe that I hadn’t tried before. This recipe is from 250 Classic Cake Recipes, published in 1940 by the Culinary Arts Institute. Because of circumstances that were out of my control, I only was able to get a quick cell phone snap of this cake, but I think it does a decent job of showing what it looked like. Read on and I‘ll share what it tasted like, too.

Mallow White Cake


This was a pretty basic white cake recipe. It wasn’t really moist, but it also wasn’t dry. I used modern frosting and red sugar sprinkles. It wasn’t a very fluffy cake. The recipe called for two layers, but I made it into a sheet cake because that is what my daughter wanted. Overall, it was just an average white cake. If you are looking for a really fluffy or moist cake, look elsewhere.

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