More Meal Planning, 1942

Earlier this week I posted about the US Bureau of Home Economics’ diet guides that were mean to help a home front housewife plan low cost meals that were healthy and filling. This set of menus is from Plan B, a group of meals with more grains and vegetables than Plan A or Plan C. You can see the first two posts in this series here and here.

This month, the editors at Woman’s Day included both the entire week’s worth of menus in a chart that’s easy for us to study and the entire week’s grocery list, which you’ll find if you scroll down to the end of the post.

I decided to make the pancakes with meat filling listed as the main dish for Saturday’s dinner.


These pancakes are pretty straightforward. They are a typical pancake with a meat mixture inside. It’s nothing fancy and it’s fairly plain, but it definitely fills you up. Combined with the other things on Saturday’s menu–mixed veggies, bread, cookies–this would be a satisfying meal. It just wouldn’t be a very adventurous one.

Here is the week’s shopping list. The editors at Woman’s Day tallied up the costs at press time and found that this week’s menus would cost a little over $9. Let me know if you try today’s recipe. I’d love to hear what you think!

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