First Monday Menu: School Lunch with Campbells Soup

This advertisement for Campbell’s soup from the autumn of 1945 includes a menu for a week’s worth of packed school lunches. I love the image in this ad. You can feel the cold fall rain and can imagine how nice a hot bowl of soup would taste.

The ad copy tells readers how important lunch is for children. Of course a soup company would recommend a hot dish for lunch, and they add that the dish should be easy to digest and full of the “sturdy goodness” of veggies and beef stock.

The menus include a hot soup daily, but there are four different soups to mix things up. There are also a variety of sandwiches and sides—even beverages—to keep things interesting.

I’m looking forward to writing about Thanksgiving again this month. Stay tuned for more information about that in a few days. Until then, have a wonderful week!

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