Eyeglasses in 1943

The home front housewife would need eyeglasses at some point in her life, so it makes sense for women’s magazines to offer advice to vision-challenged readers. I found this article in the February 1943 issue of Woman’s Day.

This is a fascinating read from a social history point of view. Evidently in 1943, attitudes toward eye wear were much different than they are today. The author mentions that you should only wear glasses when you absolutely need to. She says no one wants to be known as “the one with glasses.” Going without is preferable to being caught with them on, and men have cleaner glasses than women. (They have obviously never met my husband.) There is also a mention of wearing contact lenses. I did a little research and, yes, people were wearing contacts for short periods of time in the early 1940s.

We now have water at the ranch and I can cook again! You can look for a new recipe on Wednesday. Tomato soup cake, anyone?

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