Corn Scramble

This recipe is from a January 1938 Wesson Oil ad. Like the Diamond Walnuts ad earlier this month, this one is a full-page, full-color advertisement with recipes and advice. I hesitated to use this recipe today since it’s from a little earlier than I usually write about, but no one threw away their 1930s recipes when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, 1939, so I’m pretty sure this dish graced the dinner table of many homes during the 1940s. In fact, it was on my table in 2021. I think we can dip into the 1930s every once in a while without feeling too guilty.

I’ve included the ad first. The corn scramble we made follows, so keep scrolling if you want to see how it turned out.

Here are those recipes just a little bit larger so you can read them better.

Now on to the recipe we made today.

Corn Scramble


This was really good! Several of us tried it on bread, but we also liked it as a dip. We seasoned to taste with pepper. This would be an easy, warm lunch on a cold winter day. The corn was creamy with a hint of tomato flavor and some nice crunch from the green peppers. I think this could be a really versatile dish to have in your recipe arsenal. I ate it spread on top of bread like in the pictures. It would also have been a good sandwich filling or spread. It tastes great with corn tortilla chips, and I would have eaten it plain and not complained one bit. I could see this fitting into a quick meat, cheese, and crackers meal, as well.

Let me know if you try this one. If you like corn, I think you’ll be a fan.

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