Woman’s Day and Recipe Costs

I use a lot of recipes from Woman’s Day magazine. Today I ran across this notice in the January 1941 issue. 1941 was the year the magazine began adding the cost to make each dish to the recipe. They were still printing the cost in 1946. My current collection stops there, so I’m not sure how long afterward they continued.

One thing that I like about studying a magazine over a period of years is that you can see the changes that were made and often see how those changes were shaped by events happening in the world at the time.

I’ll be better about including the cost when it is available since I find that an interesting part of vintage recipes and homemaking. Also, we are expecting another snow storm tonight. Texas seems to have gotten confused when it comes to weather! I am prepared with the ingredients of several recipes to make while we are snowed in this time, though, so expect some over the next few days.

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