Christmas: Date Filled Cookies

Today’s Christmas cookie recipe is from the Culinary Arts Institute’s 1941 The Cookie Book. There are 250 recipes in the book and I wasn’t sure how I would choose which recipes to make. Then I saw that in 1948, someone went through the book and marked the recipes they liked, and dated at least one of them.

You know how sometimes the world works in mysterious ways? Two of the marked recipes were cookies that my family has made every year for many, many years, so those are two that I have chosen. This first cookie is actually two recipes–one for the cookie and one for the filling. There are several options for the filling, but I wanted to make the date filed ones because that’s what my family has always made. Instead of typing out the recipe for you today, I’m going to include the entire two page spread so you can choose your own filling adventure.

Filled Cookies and Fillings


These cookies are so yummy! The sweet date filling is one of my favorites. The dates are definitely the star of the show. The cookie part is more like the crust of a yummy date pie.

Let me know if you try any of the other fillings. Happy baking!

2 thoughts

  1. I grew up in the 1950’s eating raisin filled cookies. It was the no.2 filling with lemon flavoring. Same recipe using shortening. I still have the recipe of my mother’s recipe.


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