Dessert Magic

This little booklet seems pretty tame on the outside, but look at the illustrations on the inside! Plus, the entire booklet is about Jell-O products! Women in the 1940s used Jell-O much differently than we do today, so I was really excited to find this gem of a cookbook.

This small cookbook is 26 pages and was published in 1944 by the Consumer Service Department at General Foods Corporation. The cover doesn’t really explain what is inside—only that it has dessert recipes. The illustrations are all Jell-O or pudding desserts, though, when you look closely.

This fantastic illustration is on the inside back cover. I love the serving ideas, the dishes, and the Jell-O boxes.

The inside of the front cover has basic instructions.

I am going leave you with a few ideas for using Jell-O cubes, but there is a Valentine’s Day recipe that I am looking forward to sharing next week. I am going to make it with my little girls this weekend and I’ll post the results and the recipe in time for you to make it for your Valentine’s celebrations.

Let me know if you try any of these ideas. Enjoy!

The whipped cream and custard recipes mentioned are below.

One thought

  1. I can’t get jello here but just reading about it awakens fond memories of summer and childhood when my American friends would have jello at their birthday parties. One mum made a cake with jello layers. It was funny to watch it wobble.


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