First Monday Menu: September 1940

This post is a little late, but I still wanted to add a menu this month. Our house has been busy with back to school preparations and planning. September is always such an exciting time here and this summer seems to have passed especially fast.

This menu is from the September 1940 issue of Woman’s Day. This cover is striking to me. The happy teenagers innocently sharing a drink contrasts sharply with the quote from J. Edgar Hoover at the top. “Your children may face military training.” Looking at this cover exactly 80 years later, knowing what those young people were going to face in a short time, makes my heart ache for them, their parents, and the readers who had no idea exactly what was ahead for them.

Here is the menu. Notice how the description calls Monday a “clean up day”. Is Monday that type of day for you when you are planning meals for the week? Or do you do that on the weekends?

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