First Menu Monday: Three Square Meals a Day

This menu is from a week’s worth of meal planning. The goal was to have three square meals a day. The menus were planned for a family of four with special attention being made to make sure the children would eat the suppers while still allowing the adults to enjoy them. All of the menus also allowed for carrying the lunch to work or school if needed. The entire week cost $9.50 for the whole family.

I was surprised at how much food was planned for the week. Breakfasts in my home are pretty simple affairs, but several of the breakfast menus had fruit, cereal, and bread in addition to more than one drink option. The dinner menus during the week also had two or three sides plus bread. This Saturday menu is a bit simpler for all three meals to try to keep the day free for things other than cooking.

The menu came from the September 1940 issue of Woman’s Day. This issue has some interesting articles in it. You can tell that the idea of possible future war participation was on people’s minds.

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