Wesson’s “Quik-Change” Dressing Recipe, 1943

I wanted to try another recipe from a magazine ad this week. We’ve been eating more salads now that the weather is warmer, so when I saw this spring 1943 Wesson Oil ad, I knew it would be the perfect thing to try this month. I also love the patriotic poem that makes sure to tell the reader that salads are healthy, and keeping the family healthy was a home front housewife’s number one job.

I used the lemon juice option and added the chopped hard-boiled eggs.


I was surprised that this dressing only had a light lemon flavor. I’m glad I added the eggs because otherwise this was just a fairly bland salad oil. It did toss nicely, coating the salad greens with a light layer of dressing. I might try this again with vinegar instead of lemon juice to see if it helps the flavor pop a little more.

Last summer I made a similar but better tasting dressing you might like to try. I enjoyed this zingy Chiffonade Dressing and have made it more than once. With it and this Wesson dressing, make sure you shake it before each serving because they separate so quickly. Note the other serving suggestions at the end of the Wesson recipe–they might be fun to try if you are looking for something new to put on vegetable or fruit salads.

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