Sweet French Rolls

Here’s a nice dinner roll recipe for you to try. I want to point out that these aren’t quick and easy rolls to make. You’ll need to get started on them first thing in the morning if you want them done in time for your evening meal. Be sure to read the other notes in the results section, too.

The recipe is from a cookbook published by Fleischmann’s Yeast in 1941 titled The Bread Basket.


These are light, sweet rolls. I usually cover my rolls with butter, honey, or jam, but these were good on their own. They are moist and have a slight lemon flavor that is both unexpected and delicious. My daughter made these and used the Clover Leaf method they suggested. She rolled balls of dough and placed three in each muffin tin before baking. You can see that there are some lighter rolls in the bowl. The first ones we baked for 15 minutes, and then we tried just 11 minutes. We liked the lighter, 11-minute rolls better.

I think that this is a perfect time to thank my daughter. She is responsible for much of the cooking on my blog. If you see a baked item, especially, she is the one behind it. She also bakes things I don’t share here because the recipes aren’t from the 1940s. She’s one of the most talented bakers I have ever seen. She and her oldest brother are going away to college this year, one to finish up a graduate degree, and one to start her freshman year. I also have another daughter already away at school. When your kids leave home, it’s never easy, but I am proud of them for pursuing their dreams and I’m proud of the wonderful people they have become.

Never fear, she’s not going too far away, so she’ll still return to bake with me from time to time. But for now, I wanted to acknowledge her talent and thank her for her help. Without her, many of these recipes wouldn’t be on my blog.

While my home will be quieter in the coming weeks, I still have four kids at home, including a budding chef. There definitely will be more cooking at my house. Until next week, stay safe and well.

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