Rationing Recipes: Halloween Devil’s Food Cake, Liver, and Creamed Potatoes

I wanted to bake this cake for you this week, but we are dealing with a big ice storm. I won’t be able to get into town to buy the ingredients to make it in time for you to also use the recipe for Halloween, so I’m going to put the advertisement here today. This recipe uses less sugar for both the cake and the frosting–great for the home front housewife! If you bake this, please share with me how it turns out.

There are two bonus rationing recipes in the ad, too. One is for delicious digestible liver patties, which you might be interested in if you enjoy liver. This recipe is to make patties for 6 out of just a pound of liver. The Zippy Creamed Potatoes sound interesting, and I might try the recipe after I get to the store again. The ad says that you can use Spry Pure Vegetable Shortening in place of butter to get a nice white sauce for your potatoes. They claim “you’ll never miss butter!”

Let me know if you try any of these, and if you are also enduring bad weather, stay safe and warm!

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