Radio Round-Up: Halloween

I’ve written about books and movies that you can add to your October entertainment choices, but I didn’t want to forget radio. My husband and I have been listening to a nightly spooky radio broadcast this month, and I thought I would share these links with you so you can listen, too. All of the radio programs here have episodes in the early 1940s, but some also have great episodes in the 1930s and the late 1940s and beyond. I hope you find something here that appeals to you. If you aren’t a fan of scary radio programs, I’ve also written about tamer radio options here.

All of the programs listed here can be found on, one of my favorite websites to visit for vintage radio, music, books, and more. It’s a fun place to explore.

Lights Out

This program ran from 1934-1947 and had supernatural and horror stories.


From 1942-1962, this program brought famous names to the radio and entertained listeners with stories from well-known writers.

Dark Fantasy

Featuring weird and supernatural tales, this horror drama was on NBC in 1941 and 1942.

The Weird Circle

This program aired from 1943-1945 and ran stories from authors like Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, Robert Lewis Stevenson, and Edgar Alan Poe.

Molle Mystery Theater

This radio program began in September 1943 on NBC and featured stories from favorite mystery authors.

Inner Sanctum

From 1941 to 1952, this program featured mysteries from the Simon and Schuster imprint.

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