Sweet-Sour Carrots

My family adores carrots. I’m always trying to find new ways to cook them, and today’s recipe is my latest carrot adventure. It’s from the 1940 Culinary Arts Institute cookbook 250 Ways to Serve Fresh Vegetables. This cookbook includes recipes for a large variety of vegetables, from your typical carrots and corn to things like radishes and okra (another household favorite!)


The Sweet-Sour Carrots were aptly named. The carrots were coated with a sweet and sour light gravy. You could definitely taste both the sweetness and a slight tang from the vinegar. Several of my testers commented that, while they liked the carrots, they were disappointed the flavor wasn’t stronger. I agreed. The carrots were good, though, and the entire dish was gone by the end of the meal. If you enjoy carrots, this would be a nice addition to your recipe collection. The flavor is mild enough to complement many different kinds of main dishes. We ate ours with fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, but they would easily be right at home with chicken breasts, steak, or a pasta dish.

The dish is a pink Jeannette Glass Company Windsor Diamond 9” 2 handled bowl (1936-1946).

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