Drink Week: Two-Tone Fruit Drinks

To wrap up drink week, I wanted to add this fun recipe. It’s also from the 1942 edition of The New American Cook Book. I’ll include the paragraph from the book so you can see how the idea was presented.


I chose pineapple juice and Concord grape juice. These drinks turned out so nice. They were very pretty with their two-tone colors that slowly swirled together. The flavor was well balanced. You could taste both the grape and pineapple juices. You can definitely taste the pineapple, though, so if you have some pineapple haters in your bunch, you might want to have a second option available for them.

The colors stayed separated as long as we didn’t stir them together. It seemed to mix from the bottom up. We used straws, so the top of the drink stayed separated until we were nearly finished, but we were drinking from the mixed bottom part of the glass. I’m including a couple of pictures of the drink after it had been sitting for a while.

This was a fun way to use two pantry staples. It was also an affordable way to have a fancy looking drink in 1942. I like how the cookbook mentioned Hawaii. I imagine that was very timely after the war began.

Thanks for coming along on my drink journey this week. I’ve found some interesting recipes. Maybe I’ll do this again when it gets cold this winter. If you want to check out the other drinks from this week, you can find them below. See you Monday!

Presidential Punch

Glorified Lemonade

Pineapple Fizz

Orange Julep

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