Starlight Cake

In January 1945, Betty Crocker was touting a New Method of cake baking that would save the home front housewife half of her batter mixing time. Using Gold Medal flour, the folks at General Mills’ Home Service Department created a one bowl method of cake batter mixing that was to revolutionize baking. This Starlight Cake recipe is straight from a Betty Crocker advertisement from that month.


This was a nice cake. It was moist and tasted the way a white cake should. We used a plain white buttercream frosting. When I was growing up, my mother made a fluffy anise flavored white frosting that would be perfect on this cake. I need to find that recipe! Gum drops were an interesting addition that added a bit of color. Definitely try this when you need a basic cake recipe to fix up with your favorite tasty frostings. If you have a great frosting recipe, I’d love to hear about it.

Did you know that tomorrow is National Peanut Butter Day? Remember that Peter Pan recipe booklet I mentioned a few posts ago? It’s here and I’m going to test a recipe from it to celebrate the day.

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